Having a deck or a patio is a perfect way to allow your friends and family to enjoy the outdoors, surrounded by the comfort of your own home. Introduce a few lounge chairs, a grill station, deck railing, and maybe even a bar and you’ll have a perfect setting for a summer party or a chill, lazy Sunday afternoon spent by the pool. If you have an old and worn out deck, consider having a deck repair before adding a shading to it.

However, due to the constantly changing climate as a result of rapid global warming, it is no longer safe or prudent to bask in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Numerous health problems can occur if you expose your skin to UV rays too much, so it’s imperative to provide your patio or deck with ample sun protection. Here are some of the most effective ideas to create a true patio oasis.

Install canopy awnings

A popular solution used predominantly in restaurant gardens can serve as an excellent addition to your home as well. Canopy awnings are permanently installed on a frame, and they cannot be retracted or lengthened, so their lack of versatility might deter some homeowners from investing in this option. However, if having constant shade in a particular spot or across the patio is what you require, then this durable option is a great solution as it provides ample sun and rain protection.

Shade with trees and plants

Alternatively, you can try to build a shade out of greenery, but do keep in mind that greenery can be easily influenced by the elements and will only provide partial sun protection. More often than not, plants and trees serve as decorative features around the patio. Unfortunately, the sun has become too hot over the years, and you can easily get sunburn even if sheltered from its rays under a tree.

Moreover, rain, wind and storms can easily damage and bend any greenery, leaving you without proper sun protection. If you do opt to plant greenery for aesthetic purposes, evergreens and maple trees are your best options, as they are sturdy, dense, and beautiful.

Go for outdoor umbrellas

One of the best solutions for ample sun protection is an outdoor umbrella. Umbrellas are convenient and versatile, and they can be easily moved around, expanded and retracted, depending on your needs. Moreover, they can be durable and sturdy enough to withstand any weather condition, and at Sydney Shade they have numerous types of umbrellas for you to choose from.

A good manufacturer will advise you on the best solution for your needs and deck specifications. Umbrellas can be wall-mounted, multi-mast, rotating; the possibilities are numerous and you should look for a model you can easily move around the backyard.

Choose a portable canopy

Canopies are also a very popular option that provides ample sun protection, and they can be easily manoeuvred due to their lightweight frames. Bear in mind though that canopies do require plenty of room, and they can make your patio feel confined. If you do decide for a canopy, you should have no problems finding a smaller model at your local home centre if you need the added space.

Build a vine pergola

Building a pergola is a demanding DIY project, but if you’re up to the task, it can be very rewarding in the long run. You can find the necessary wooden materials at your local home centre. Once you have assembled an arch, you want to cover it with awning fabric or create a green, living shelter by planting vines and directing them to grow across the top of the pergola. The most cost-effective way to build a pergola is to use inexpensive treated lumber and stain it afterwards ‒ this is a far cheaper solution than getting a manufactured arch.

Providing your deck or patio with ample sun protection is not only beneficial for your health, but it can create a cool, secluded oasis for the entire family to enjoy. Be sure to research these ideas and choose the best solution for your specific patio needs.


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