Adding a shed in your garden offers plenty of storage area for all the tools, plants in preparation and even for some other things you cannot fit into your garage. However, there is a major rivalry between traditional wood sheds and shipping containers in that role. Both of them have plenty of advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to decide which one is better for your garden.

Shipping container


The biggest advantage of a shipping container shed is that it will be secure and durable. There is no way someone could break into a big metal box. Also, these containers are made from heavy duty metal and are designed to last forever no matter what the weather conditions are. They also offer more space than a traditional shed. A 20ft container can easily fit in all the tools, a ride-on lawnmower and even all the garden furniture and some items that cannot be stored in your garage.

Moreover, shipping containers are completely earth-friendly and they do no harm to the environment. If you buy a sustainable shipping container, as one of those offered by Sea Containers, you are reusing something and turning it into an eco-friendly storage unit with many benefits. Plus, such sheds will be strong and you can easily lean any heavy hardwood furniture against the wall and never worry about causing damage. Even if a tree falls over it, there will be no major damage and more importantly it won’t collapse.


One of the biggest disadvantages of shipping container sheds is their size. They do come in a variety of sizes, but it is not that easy to fit in a long metal box into your garden, and it will require plenty of planning to do so. Also, they could be an awkward working space if you like to prepare the plants in there. Because of its dimensions, a standard container is rather long and narrow which offers a little less walking and working space, but there are also more spacious options available on the market.

Additionally, if wish to make some changes on the exterior you probably won’t manage to do it without some heavy-duty tools; so fitting a window could be a trouble. Lastly, even though you can paint it however you want, if you exterior design is rather rustic, a big metal box in your garden will look awkward.

Wood shed


One of the biggest advantages of wood sheds is that they come in a large variety of styles and sizes. Also, they can be considered one of the best looking sheds available, because of their natural and rustic aesthetics. They offer plenty of stability and security for all the items you plan on keeping there and because of their weight they are less likely to be damaged by the wind.

Another great thing about wood sheds is that you can easily change their exterior. Since wood is easy to work with you can fit a new window or door without any trouble by using all the usual simple tools.  However, since nothing is perfect, wood sheds have some disadvantages.


First of all, wood sheds require plenty of maintenance. If they are neglected the wood will deteriorate quickly, which requires applying protective layers each year. It is a continuing commitment that can cost you plenty of time, effort and money. Secondly, wood is prone to rotting, since exposure to water and sun can encourage mould and fungus to grow faster. Thus the wood weakens and starts to rot, creating many holes which means your shed is not waterproof anymore.

Moreover, due to too much moisture, the wood gets warped which results in dysfunctional doors and poor joints. Lastly, wood is a subject to termite damage which poses a great threat of the whole shed collapsing and you won’t be able to successfully protect your shed from mice infestation.

It is entirely up to you to make this decision. Both wood and shipping container sheds have their good and bad sides. Depending on the available space and exterior of your whole house you will know which choice is the best, so choose carefully and weigh all the pros and cons.


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