Most of us have tried many tricks to lower the heating bill, especially in the winter, but are still not quite satisfied with the results. Although it’s true that you can’t get heating without paying for it, it doesn’t mean you need to pay more than really necessary, especially when the reason for overpaying is a malfunction that can be easily fixed by hvac technicians like the ones on If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, you may contact a furnace repair company.

We can group all activities related to eliminating excess expenditure into two categories: identifying problems or opportunities for saving and taking appropriate actions. If done correctly, they’ll help us spend less, but at the same time receive the same service.

Keeping the cold outside

Doors and windows are famous for letting in cold air, particularly if they’re old and not well-maintained. No matter how much you turn up the furnace, you’ll never be able to beat poorly insulated doors and windows. This is where weatherstripping plays the key role, at least until you replace faulty items. It’s easy to install and it should provide solid protection for a few years.

Another problem might be that the warm air is released through a gap between the threshold and the door. Make sure you adjust the height of the door by turning the screws on the threshold counter-clockwise to lift it if possible, thus eliminating the gap. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and prevent the door from opening and closing properly.

Check the pipes

It’s quite common to find gaps around all kinds of pipes and cables, which have been poorly filled with some kind of caulk. The problem is that it’s a temporary solution at best and, sooner rather than later, it cracks and lets in the air from the outside, not to mention insects and rodents. If you think you need help from professionals, go here.

You really need to inspect such places and make sure both the pipes and the area around them contain no leaks, knowing that expending foam can be used to seal the gaps and cracks in the wall, advise Sydney’s specialists for gas leaks.

Cover to protect

More and more people are turning to transparent plastic film in their attempt to reduce their heating bill. This is a simple and inexpensive way of protecting your windows and patio doors that can be easily removed in the spring. In the meantime, it’s supposed to save around 10 percent on your bill.

Another thing you might cover is the chimney. There are special inflatable chimney balloons that you need to blow up and stick into the chimney. It prevents the warm air from escaping through the chimney in the period when you don’t use your fireplace. Should you forget to remove it out, it will deflate as soon as you light a fire. So, your house won’t be filled with smoke, but you’ll save a lot of money on heating.

Trust a gadget

A programmable thermostat has been proven to save significant amounts of money if used properly. If you reduce the temperature while you are asleep or outside the house, you’ll notice the difference. There’s no need for your home to be heated in the same way all day long. Luckily, these gadgets are now quite inexpensive (at least the basic models are), which means everyone can afford one. Those who can invest more can also enjoy a wide range of benefits offered by the top-of-the-range models you can also find at

Make the most of the sun

No matter how cold it may be outside, as long as there’s the sun above the horizon, you need to use is as much as possible. Your curtains should be open to allow exposure to direct sunlight. Also, feel free to cut and trim branches and shrubs that prevent the sunlight from entering your home. On the other hand, remember to close the curtains when there’s no sunlight, since one of their roles is to keep the indoor temperature as high as possible.

As you can see, most of the things mentioned here you can do on your own and they are not expensive at all. Yet, they’ll help you not only maintain or even improve the quality of heating, but also reduce the amount you need to pay for heating. But don’t forget that it is always best to hire professionals from a service like Dayton’s Heating & Cooling to get the best reliable service possible.


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