An average person spends one third of life sleeping, but that time is significantly decreased if you are sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. Even worse, you can develop back and neck pain or some more severe issues. Having a quality mattress will save you from all these things, but getting one can be really pricey. Of course, since it is so important, a mattress isn’t an item you should skimp on, and you should choose it really carefully, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on it. There are ways to save some dollars while still getting a great value for the price.

No Need to Go to Every Store

Mattresses are not like clothes, you will not find a cheaper and better one in some other store. In fact, store chains work with the same mattress manufacturers, and buy the same mattresses. In the end, only the names are changed, so the stores can say they are the only ones in town with that kind of a mattress. Since most of them have essentially the same product, there is no need to go shopping around and searching for a better deal, when you will, at the end get the same mattress.

Try to Haggle

2613961020_99abf4caa2_zThe mattress’s price isn’t set in stone, and you can try to negotiate to get a better offer. Since it is a very expensive item, salesmen even expect you to haggle. There is even a popular opinion that you should never pay for more than 50 percent of the listed price. You can even try to do that when the mattress is already on sale.  Before you go to a certain store, research the percentage of discount it usually gives on sales, and let that be your guideline when asking for a lower price. Big chains usually give better discounts.

Buy Just the Mattress

Most manufacturers, and salesmen who work fora commission, will try to push you the idea to buy an entire “mattress set”, which includes the box spring too. In most cases, your old box spring should do just fine, especially since these are the items built to last and endure the weight, pressure and wear.

Shop Online

Purchasing a mattress over the internet saves you a lot of hassle. You don’t have to drive to the store and there is no pushy salesman who will talk you into buying the most expensive mattress because he needs the commission. Furthermore, there is a big chance that you will find better deals if you decide to buy a mattress online. Many online shops offer coupons, discounts and even longer trial period than brick & mortar stores.

Do You Really Need All Those Special Fibers?

2613971508_a4e56b86c2_zSilk, cashmere, and even natural coconut fiber… It all sounds pretty fancy, but do you really need all these fabrics? Well, probably not. You will never even notice they are there, since you will probably put mattress pads and sheets on top. The manufacturers will try really hard to persuade you that you cannot possibly sleep without an aloe vera addition, but that is simply not true. All that counts is the comfortableness of the very mattress and its ability to adjust to your body shape.

Don’t Get Seduced by the Warranty

Some stores will persuade you to buy a more expensive mattress just because it has a longer warranty. And although you will surely find some mattress with a 20-year warranty, those are just letters on paper. In fact, a warranty doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear of the mattress, just defects. Ten years or less is perfectly fine for a mattress warranty.

Ask for Free Things

Last, but not least, why not get some extras for the same price? Don’t be shy to ask. Many stores even have the practice of giving free delivery, mattress pad, free pillows, bed frame, etc. This way you will instantly equip your new mattress without breaking a bank.
Buying a mattress is always a big investment, but if you play it smart and don’t allow to be blinded by the flashy offers of salesmen who work on commission, you will surely find a quality mattress within your budget.