Stained glass is a beautiful option that is artistically processed to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. A commercial glass installation can be employed just about anywhere in a business, from front door window panes to even bathrooms, stained glass is an excellent and beautiful way to accessorize and look a league above the standard. Visit GGR Glass to understand the process of installing glass windows and doors.

Like many other things, stained glass can become damaged. What’s more is that it’s not always something that can be replaced. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to replacing damaged stained glass:

  1. Cover a flat surface with a towel and place the glass panel down. Use pliers to pull out the broken pieces. Then, raise your glass panel about an inch off of the table by placing pieces of wood around its perimeter.
  2. Use a soldering iron to melt the remaining solder in the repair area of the panel, while also using a pencil to strip away any foil left behind from the broken pieces. Carefully make sure to clear the broken area of extra solder and any loose foil left behind.
  3. Once you have a clean open space of where the broken piece used to be, place a piece of scrap wood on the table, and lay some paper pattern directly on the wood. Position the glass panel with the missing piece directly on top of the pattern paper, so you are able to trace the missing piece with a pencil.
  4. After you have your design sketched on the paper, carefully cut out the design using a pair of pattern shears. Test-fit the pattern paper design into the missing hole in the glass, and make any additional trimmings if necessary. Transfer the paper design to your replacement glass, and trace out the shape using a felt marker.
  5. Once you have the shape sketched, cut out the glass and smooth the edges – then thoroughly wash and clean with glass cleaner. After it’s dried, foil the piece of replacement glass – and also replace any additional strips of foil in the surrounding area of the missing piece if necessary.
  6. Slip the replacement glass into the missing section, and brush flux onto the area you are mending. Solder the replacement glass into the hole, allowing just enough solder into the seams to match the previous solder work – make sure to move quickly with the soldering gun.
  7. When you are done with the front, flip the window over and solder the back of the seams. Allow the stained glass window to dry completely.

Stained glass is a timeless décor element that can instantly add charisma to any home. Maintain the beauty of your stained glass with these quick and easy repair tips. If these tips didn’t work, it’s time to call a window glass repair specialist for help.

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