If you live in a house with a beautiful backyard, there are a lot of things you can do to turn your outdoor space into a personal oasis. Installing a pool has always been a popular option, however, you should know that there are a few steps you need to consider beforehand. Some people fail to see all the necessary steps through, which eventually causes frustration, brings unnecessary challenges, and leads to additional expenses that could have been avoided with proper planning and organization. So, in order to make sure you don’t fall into this category, check out these crucial tips.

Decide on the type

Before you get down to any actual planning, you should first decide whether you want an in-ground or an above-ground pool. Both of these options have their flaws and perks, so you’ll need to consider what works best for your you and your family. For example, while in-ground pools are undoubtedly more appealing and versatile, they are significantly pricier and cost a lot to be installed. However, the choices of shape, depth and size are almost endless. On the other hand, above-ground pools are much more limited in size and shape, but they are considerably cheaper and much easier to install and maintain.

Set a strict budget

Your next step should be setting a strict budget. Keep in mind that adding a pool to your backyard is not an investment that will bring you any significant ROI if you ever decide to sell your property. Therefore, you should consider all the things you’d like to have in your pool area, determine the features you want to implement in your pool and set your budget accordingly. Again, it’s very important to remember that adding a pool is a bit of a hedonistic move so don’t be afraid to follow your own preferences. Finally, don’t forget to include the maintenance costs into your budget upfront because it will help you determine whether you can even afford to have a pool or not.

Choose the right professionals

As with everything else, there are a lot of professionals out there that specialize in swimming pool installation. Some of them offer only the services of installing the pool, while others can help you find the right spot to place your pool and even design the entire pool area. Therefore, to make sure you’ve covered all the bases, choose the professionals that do not only offer installation, but also the ones that will be there to help you with every step of the process. Adding a body of water to your backyard is not child’s play, so always choose the best professionals possible, both for installation and maintenance (resurfacing, for instance).

Update your insurance policy

This may come as a surprise, but you definitely should update your insurance policy once you add a pool to your backyard. Home insurance policies usually cover the pool as well, but you need to check if that’s the case with your agency as well. This step is very important since you, as the owner of the pool, are liable for anyone using the pool (with or without permission). Also, this way you’ll be insuring a piece of (fairly expensive) property against damage caused by weather conditions (fallen trees during a heavy storm). Therefore, ask around and find the insurance policy that suits you best.

Check the laws

The laws regarding pool installation vary from country to country so you need to consult your local officials before deciding to install a pool. Inquire about local safety requirements and see if you need to obtain any additional building permits. Of course, make sure you do this before you actually start installing your pool.

As you can see, there are a few crucial steps you need to take care of when adding a pool to your backyard. By planning out the entire process, you will eliminate the majority of potential problems and reduce the amount of stress caused by such a project. In the end, you’ll be left with a beautiful personal oasis for you to enjoy.