Selling Your Home Fast: The Expert Know-How

Getting your home listed in the ads and spreading the word about selling is easy but getting it actually sold is a bit of a process. It could take months for an actual buyer to show up, so your house can sit on the market for a long time and you might feel tempted to […]

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How to Move Home Without Losing Your Mind

There’s an old Latin saying that sailing is necessary, living is not. Long ago people used to search for new territories and better life by being almost constantly on the move. Nowadays, the situation is at the same time similar and different. It’s similar in a sense that we now move home when circumstances change, […]

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2014 Exhibitors Exhibitors-Click here for A to D

Black Diamond Real Estate

Kelly Newville and Black Diamond Real Estate provide stellar service with over 30 years of experience in Commercial, New Developments and Entitlements, Residential (Existing Homes and New Constructed Homes), Land and Water, and Property Management real estate categories.  Kelly is also a Lifetime resident of Cedar City, Utah and can educate you on most other area information also.   […]

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