Carpet Cleaning Made Easy: Tips & Tricks

Whether it’s a clumsy cup of coffee, a rogue magic marker, or muddy paw prints, carpets and rugs are magnets for all kinds of and mishaps accidents. Luckily, there are tricks and cleaning solutions for almost any mess out there, most of which don’t include store-bought products and solvents. One of the first steps in […]

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Fresh Rug Trends You Should Seriously Consider

Oftentimes, people simply either forget or they’re not quite aware of just how big of a difference a rug can make in a room. That’s why so many of them make a mistake when choosing the right rug for their interiors and they, of course, end up feeling dissatisfied. The truth is that a carefully […]

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How to Choose Area Rugs for a Kids’ Room

No matter where you live, perhaps a Chicago 2-bedroom apartment or a New York City penthouse, decorating your children’s room is an exciting project, but also quite challenging as well. You have to approach it carefully and try to combine lots of separate elements into one coherent mix. The floor is one of the most […]

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Outdoors Rugs: A Comprehensive Selection Guide

A home design trend that’s been going strong for quite some time now is definitely blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor living areas. We have all come from nature and the need to return to it has never been more obvious than during the past couple of years. Our outdoor living areas have […]

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