Every now and then, renovation becomes necessary. If you truly love your house and aspire to spend the rest of your days in it, you’ll need to reconcile your need to keep your nest exactly as you’ve imagined with some upgrades here and there. Your house needs to keep up with the times and nothing is built to last forever, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. If you plan to renovate your bathroom this year, here are the ultimate bathroom trends.

Eternal ceramics

Ceramics is a default material for bathrooms and this will pretty much never change. It is simply too practical in every conceivable way for any area that is soaked regularly, not to mention the fact that ceramic tiles can look classy and give off a hygienic vibe. Just don’t forget to waterproof your bathroom correctly with the help of professional waterproofing services. When it comes to ceramics, a small stylistic nudge goes in the direction of geometric patterns.

People who like eclectic design throw uniformity out of the window and create a patchwork of several disparate styles that nevertheless have some sort of pattern to it. Since green thinking has seeped into practically every facet of design and architecture, this patchwork also serves as a sort of a statement – you can choose recycled tiles of different kinds from local Sydney retailers.

Keep it bright

Sydney designers can recommend a whole variety of looks, but whether you have decided on ceramics, marble or quartz, one trend remains strong even to this day – light hues and bright surroundings. The bathroom is an area that needs to send a visual message – this is a welcoming place that is clean and comfortable.

Your brain will respond in such ways if the color palette is kept in the soft spectrum, warm pastels and organic textures. Organic textures are especially popular – this is why it has become so easy to find ceramic tiles that are carved to look like wood.

Of course, you can add natural wood to your bathroom, but it’ll need to be covered with an extra layer of waterproof lacquer, and even then, it is not a guarantee the wood won’t rot after a few years. The best combo right now is to utilize stained bright ceramic tiles or marble, in combination with wood-textured ceramic surfaces.

Relaxation center

As it has already been mentioned – it is important to feel like you’ve entered a Zen zone once you enter your bathroom. In order to achieve this relaxation effect, you need to hire experts for bathroom renovations from Sydney who will know how to approach it based on your wishes.

To achieve this effect, designers and homeowners alike turn mostly to minimalism, long parallel lines and soft curves. The best way to tackle it technically is to rearrange all the bathroom elements according to the longer wall – and set everything so it runs in parallel lines, to achieve a very calming depth of field.

Furthermore, plant life used to be a pretentious addition to the bathroom, but these days, it’s not uncommon to see this element added for the visually calming effect. The best bathroom plants are some small cacti, succulents and bonsai trees. Aloe vera and asparagus fern are good choices too. You can even go as far as to hang a piece of art on the wall.

Bigger windows

This sounds counterintuitive, but bigger windows are in for the bathroom areas. To most people, this initially doesn’t make sense, especially when you live in such a busy city as Sydney. However, stained windows are the go-to solution for this.  

This means a window will not only bring more natural light into your bathroom, which is always welcome especially if you’ve added plant life to the mix, but it is also an opportunity to add more style to its overall appearance, as there are more than several solutions to stained glass. However, if your house’s layout allows it, you can always add a skylight to your bathroom. It seems like a lofty solution, but if you feel awkward about big wall windows with stained glass or not, this one basically kills two birds with one stone.

You should not force yourself to adopt the latest trends, but the ones mentioned on this list can truly make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and open it up in ways you didn’t think were possible. Bright hues, minimalism, open showers, sharp lines and soft curves can turn your bathroom into a small kingdom of rest and relaxation.