Perception is everything – if you perceive a move as a stressful chore, then chances are it will be. However, there is negative and there is positive stress – and in order to be optimistically nervous, rather than stressed out over the upcoming move, there are several key guiding points you need to follow. Let’s take a look at the best tips for an efficient, stress-free move.


First of all, you need to plan ahead. Make a schedule of all the things you need to do before the moving day comes, and don’t try to do everything at once – it will only create a mess and add unnecessary stress to the process. So rather than postponing the preparation, start early by packing the things you seldom use. Go room by room and place all of the rarely-used things in boxes and leave them there, don’t try to pile them up in the living room or somewhere else, as it will only create unnecessary clutter. Don’t forget to label the boxes.

Next, you want to notify all relevant people about your move, such as your friends and family and the post office so that mail can start coming in at your new address right away. Planning can do plenty in terms of de-stressing your life in general, so if you want the transition to be as smooth as possible, you should research your new neighbourhood meticulously – where’s the supermarket, will your kids be going to a new school and if so, what’s the best and safest route? Additionally, if you’re moving, but your job isn’t, you should research the best and quickest routes so that you don’t lose precious time.

The equipment you’ll need

Gathering all of the necessary equipment for your move is half the battle, and again, a checklist will come in handy. The most obvious piece of equipment you’ll need is boxes, and plenty of them. You can find quality boxes from $1 to $5 a pop, but buying in bulk could save you a lot of money. Look for an edge-crush test rating printed on the side of 32 pounds (15kg) per inch (2.5cm) or higher. Don’t forget to buy a variety of sizes to safely accommodate different objects.

Secondly, for sensitive materials, you should use specialized boxes such as dish barrels that are made of sturdier cardboard – they usually cost between $5 and $7. There are also wardrobe boxes with metal bars for hanging clothes, which can prove to be very useful, and they might even be supplied to you by your moving company, so make sure to ask before you buy.

You’ll also need packing paper, which is a magnificent tool for wrapping everything from your prized crystal bowl to your dog. Don’t mistake regular newspaper for packing paper though, as it should only be used as extra padding. And did you know that bubble wrap is used to transport objects safely, and not only for popping the bubbles all day? So make use of bubble wrap, as well.

Office Removals

Things can get even more complicated with office relocations, which can easily turn into a logistics nightmare, so a detailed plan for the every aspect of your move is essential. Experienced professionals, as these Sydney-based experts for office removals, have a clear understanding of the importance of handling fragile office equipment, including computers and other technical equipment. From shelves and desks drawers, to screens, each of your business’s valuable items should be properly packed and transported so as to eliminate the risk of breakages.

Choosing the right mover

No one’s stopping you from renting a truck and try to move everything yourself, but if you aren’t too keen on driving a loaded truck through the streets, having to load and unload it, you’re better off hiring a mover. Your second option is to load the truck yourself and let the mover drive it. But the third and most efficient and cost-effective option is to hire residential movers to safely and quickly pack your things, load them on a truck and then unload and unpack them at your new home. Genuine professionals use only the safest equipment and techniques to ensure your move goes without a hitch, so hiring one such company for your job is your safest bet.

As you can tell, there’s no need to stress out over your upcoming move, the secret is to plan ahead, gather the necessary equipment and hire the right people to do the job. If you have these three points in check, you’ll have no problem organizing a successful move, and enjoying it too.


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