Thinking of getting a new 2 bedroom apartment rental or luxury apartments? Moving can be a dream and designing your new home in your mind is a very fulfilling experience. But, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially if you don’t have any experience in moving or buying a place. In that case, you will need some help, and we are here to give you a few tips to do that.

Learn how to see beneath the surface

This is a very important thing to know while house hunting, and it can go two ways. On the one hand, you will not be easily fooled by the coat of paint that has just been applied to cover up moist walls and crumbly fix-ups. Seeing these details for what they really are will save you a lot of time and money further down the line, and warn you of a potentially bad deal. On the other hand, it is very useful to know how to see the potential of a certain space. If the walls have yellowed over time and the woodwork is scraped up, but the walls are structurally sound, there is no mold or faulty installations – it might be worth a small investment. So, carefully inspect every room you see and look for what is underneath because anyone can apply some paint and make it look as good as new.

Get something that suits your needs, not your wishes

We all have a dream home in our mind, but the truth is that imaginary, “perfect” homes are very often impractical and quite expensive. What you should learn to do is to look for the things that are your absolute essentials. If an apartment has a separate room that would work great as an office, which you need, but doesn’t have a balcony, which you want – it might be worth the sacrifice. Unless you are actually building your own home from the ground, you are very unlikely to find something that ticks every box, so learn how to compromise and, even more importantly, learn to compromise in the right places. Set your priorities and stick to that list because it’s all too easy to get carried away by wishes.

Schedule your move on time

When moving to a new home, you should always think well in advance. By planning a moving schedule and sticking to it, you will make sure that your move is not unnecessarily postponed and that you have everything organized before you start. There are a lot of things to think about. You need to have a place to stay for a few days while getting all of the furniture out of your old home and into the new one. Also, you need to think about packing and the people who will help you pack, truck rental for the bigger pieces of furniture, the order of unloading things at the new destination, and that is without even mentioning all the repairs and decor you need to add to the new apartment before you put any of the things in. So, have a binder with all of the details, checklists and the timeline and consult it before scheduling any major event or planning a holiday.

Regardless of what your budget is or how many people you are moving with, the most important thing is that you make a new place feel like a proper home. So, don’t forget to bring all the little details that make you feel like home and set them up as soon as you move in. The finishing touches are a welcoming doormat and, of course, your name on a shiny new plate on the door.