Getting your house on the market is a stressful prospect. This is not only due to the fact that you are parting with your home, but also due to the fear that you will sell it for a price that is far below its real value. Therefore, once the realtors finalize the process of putting your house up for sale, it is reasonable if you want this done and over with as quickly as possible. Still, you can have your cake and eat it  too if you employ a few tricks to entice the potential purveyors to part with more cash. If you are interested in how to do this, this is what potential home buyers really look at.

The price

Of course, the first thing buyers will look at is the price. In other words, they will settle on their default price range long before they see any houses. This is why it is crucial for you to sit down with your family members and real estate agent to find the realistic pricing for the sum of the parts that make up your house. Hitting that sweet spot can be hard, but it is achievable. The key thing is to know your home’s selling point and be as realistic as possible. Compare the price range of houses that are similar to yours in the local Sydney area.

If you have an experienced agent, they will usually know that the right moment on the market. Real estate parameters can be especially volatile in Australia, so you should not spend too much time worrying about this and concentrate on what exactly sells your house. Try to list the things that make your house stand out and concentrate on these positives while you are showcasing it.

Location, location, location

This is why it is so important to find real estate agents that have garnered enough experience to help you prioritize the specific things most potential home buyers look at first. If you live in Sydney, for example, should you seek help from Northern Beaches real estate agents, they will almost certainly tell you that it is not so much about the “right moment” as it is about “location, location, location.”

Every potential buyer will look into the physical position of your household in relation to important institutions like schools, hospitals and downtown. This can by far be the most important contributing factor that enables a higher asking price – markets can change, the price range can wary, but geographical location and proximity to exclusive or key areas are always the same. In fact, in urban areas like Sydney, the difference this makes is astronomical. Therefore, these items should definitely be at the top of the list of perks you are putting up for potential buyers.

The appeal

If the first two factors are to someone’s liking, the natural next step is to welcome those potential buyers into your home. House browsing is a natural part of the process, so improving the appeal of your household to the best of your abilities is crucial. The question is – how to approach it? Where to start? Just like with the aforementioned features, there are several specific aspects of your household that will draw the eye of buyers.

For one, you should do your best to do a “face lift” of your house’s exterior. Make sure that the façade pops with fresh paint and consider doing a seamless aluminum gutter installation project which can help make your home’s exterior more appealing and eye catching. The crucial part of this face lift is to make your front door and porch appear spick and span. After all, this is the first thing buyers will notice as they pull in, and first impressions matter more than anything else. You may consider hiring porch builders to build you a new porch with a classic or modern design.

Furthermore, see if you can spare some money to spruce up the kitchen. This tends to be the room that makes or breaks a purchase, so you’ll want to renovate it and add a few shiny new appliances to the mix. If you have extra space, you can also invest in an additional separated toilet. Such investment might appear to be overkill, but they can pay back manifold as the features that raise the price of the house.

Selling a home can be tricky and, without sugarcoating it, it is stressful even when you are fully prepared. Thankfully, stress levels can be brought down significantly if you make sure these particular details are hashed out before you put your house on the market. Remember, every tweak makes a world of difference that will put you on the path towards the asking price you have always dreamed about.


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