If you decided that it was high time that you had a genuine DIY workshop, there’s no better place to make it happen than in your garage. Workshop activities tend to produce noise, regardless of the type of the task that’s being performed and at the same time require peace of mind to be completed. Being isolated from the rest of the house meets both preconditions. Agreeing on this, all you have to do now is transform your garage into a functional and productive DIY workshop.

Get rid of the clutter

In order to have a functional workshop you will need as much space as you could get. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you own a large garage. If it’s filled with unused items, it’s bound to lack space one way or another. Therefore, before you start rearranging the interior of the garage in order to make it suitable for a workshop, first thoroughly declutter the garage. That will improve the space and your focus while working on a DIY project.

Selling items on one of the numerous e-commerce websites is a time-saving and convenient way of emptying your garage. Also, organizing a yard sale on a cozy spring afternoon is another smart idea for turning the garage into a workshop-friendly space.

Light it up

A dim garage is a dangerous and inefficient place. This is why equipping it with several lighting fixtures is the right thing to do after you’ve decluttered it. Proper bulbs will definitely cast a new light on your garage. However, you might ask yourself how to choose the bulbs for your workshop to be. Firstly, make a detailed space plan. The central piece of this workshop will be taken by the workbench. So, the space above the work area could be lit by a set of track lighting fixtures.

Secondly, you will also need a central bulb and a switch for it next to the door – extremely useful for entering safely. It’s recommendable to choose an energy-saving bulb for this purpose. Finally, make some budget room for one or two lamps. They can come in handy when you do some demanding manual work.

Space-saving tool storage

The most important features of your new craftsman’s cave will be your tools. We won’t discuss what items every home workshop needs to have, because you all know that. What is important to stress out here is that you need to take good care of the tool storage space. If it gets messy, you will have neither motivation nor energy to work there. To avoid that, first use as much floor space as possible for your storage cabinets, especially by the walls and under the workbench. After that, you can move vertical. For instance, installing space-saving pallet racking is a great solution that takes the best of both vertical and horizontal axes in the garage.

Free air flow

Since the garage is going to be your work place, you need to meet the work safety regulations as prescribed by the law.

Therefore, your workshop has to be equipped with a proper ventilation system. A window or two and an air-conditioner will do for such space. Moreover, if you get one of those reverse cycle air-conditioners, you will resolve the heating issue, too. Those are state-of-the-art devices when it comes to cooling and heating, which will keep your electricity bills under control. What’s more, that way you will also save some money, since you won’t have to buy an extra radiator or a stove for the garage

When you finish all the works described in this piece, you’ll have a spacious, well-organized and airy workshop. Now you can start working on your projects and enjoying your free time in the garage.