You have a new house, you decorated it to your taste, but you come to realize that your bathroom is outdated. Your small bathroom is dark and isn’t contemporary.  The walls are painted in an old fashioned way; the tub is large and takes out useful storage space. It is time to think about renovating. However small the bathroom is, it’s a big task to take. You should prepare all the segments carefully – from the design to the budget. Sometimes, bathroom renovation can bring out some hidden issues, such as bad plumbing, so it is also important to have some extra money aside if necessary.


Presumably that you are not an interior designer yourself, consider taking advice from an expert. Explain to the person you hired what is in your mind and again don’t get carried away and go over the budget. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, try to make it your retreat. The private spa oasis in your house. Make it easy to step into a spa right out of your bed. The en suite doesn’t need to be big to be comfortable or beautiful, small bathrooms can also be made light, functional and – beautiful.


6036463552_2d7787e947_zOnce you have the design and the budget, consider hiring a contractor from your local bathroom remodeling services. As handy as you may be, remodeling a bathroom is not a D.I.Y job. Also, you have to think about how much time you are going to invest in this challenging job. It’s not grocery shopping, for you just to walk into the store and pick up what you like, pay and leave. For some items, like vanities or tiles, you might wait up to 6 weeks, so be careful where and how you buy them. In a recent chat with people behind Blue Lagoon Bathrooms, it was brought to my attention that it is not wise to buy cheap bathroom utilities and accessories. In the long run, it may be more expensive.

Getting down to Work

Remodeling the bathroom, big or small, takes some serious workmanship. To finish renewing your bathroom takes quite a long time. If you want your room to be defined to your taste be patient and hire the best builders, plumbers, and electricians. The new bathroom doesn’t mean just a new bathtub and the sink. It also means a good lighting. Painting is also important. Be sure to choose a nice palette that is soothing and not out-of-date. You can have the best of bathroom accessories available, but if your bathroom is not well-lit, it’s a work in vain. God workmanship doesn’t come cheap. At the end of the whole process, you don’t want to just settle with the bathroom you get.

Focal Point

People often leave their bathroom door open. No matter if you are renewing en suite, or you want it to have the spa feeling about it, the toilet is not the first thing you want to see. So, what can you make out of the focal point? Depending upon the design, if it’s modern or vintage, you can leave for example the tiles as the focal point. In some older homes, wall tiles can have layers of concrete underneath them. Taking them off can be quite costly. So reconsider leaving them, the cool vintage tiles can be a nice touch.

Finishing Touches

303614210_17907ff332_zConsider converting a large bathtub into the shower or make the shower door glass, so you’ll have more space and a nice focal point. If you have a window in your bathroom the natural light will be coming through the glass door giving it a nice touch. One of the most interesting focal points in your new bathroom can be a vintage vanity. Properly chosen vanities can be decorative as well as useful storage space. If you are creating a spa- like oasis, cosmetics, and other bathroom necessities shouldn’t be at plain site.

After a challenging task is finished, do some finishing touches of your own. Decorate with some spa-like decorations, put some lavender scented sacks in vanities, lit a scented candle and enjoy a spa oasis in the privacy of your own home.