No matter the size of your living room, your goal should be to make it as cozy as possible. This room is the second busiest room of your home, so it’s only natural that you would want to make it comfortable, warm and inviting. The truth is that your options will be determined by the size of the room, but that doesn’t mean that a small living room cannot be designed to be cozy. Au contraire!

In this article, we’ll explore various ways you can turn your – small and big – living room into an epitome of comfort and style. Check them out.

Inspect the layout

First and foremost, you should closely observe the current layout you have going on in your living room. If you feel like it could use some changes, don’t shy away from making some. For example, rethink the position of your sofa and armchairs, or consider relocating your TV. Remember, the more functional the layout is, the cozier the room will feel.

Rethink the color choices

The next step on your agenda should definitely be the wall color. When painting the living room, you should steer more towards neutral shades to avoid ending up with the color scheme that’s just too overwhelming. However, you can choose to add some visual interest to the room by opting to implement a splash of color – either with an accent wall or an interesting area rug – or adding a massive statement wall art piece that will work as the new focal point of the room.

Make sure that the furniture is cozy

Next, you should inspect your furniture. Did your current sofa see some better days? Are your armchairs all shabby and worn out? In order to boost the comfiness of your living room, you need to make sure that the seating furniture is comfortable itself. So, if your pieces are no longer great, replace them with something along the lines of luxurious leather lounge suites. These will provide you with opulent seating space and will look absolutely amazing in a room of any size.

Fill your room with potted plants

Another feature that can make any room instantly feel more inviting, warm and cozy are potted plants. Big or small, tall or short the greenery will make your room look and feel more serene. For the ultimate oomph, layer the plants of all sizes across your living room. Place tall potted plants on the floor in the corners of your room to make it feel more grounded. Next, put a couple of plants on your window sills. Finally, you can even choose to hang some air plants on your walls. Not only will these make your room look simply amazing, but they are also excellent at purifying the indoor air. Just make sure you maintain them regularly because nothing will more easily compromise the vibe of your room than dying plants.

Make sure there’s plenty of light

Natural light is another thing that can instantly make any room look and feel welcoming. Not only that, but natural lighting will significantly boost the style of your room. So, get rid of those heavy curtains and replace them with something sheer and light. Furthermore, layer the indoor lighting in your living room like a pro, to be able to truly enjoy it even when the sun goes down. Of course, don’t forget to go with LED light bulbs wherever possible as they are excellent at mimicking natural light, and indoor plants seem to adore them as well.

And there you have it. No matter the size of your living room, these tips guarantee that you’ll be able to create a cozy oasis perfect for relaxing with your family and friends after a long and busy day. So, give them a go and enjoy your new living room.