In most cases, every room in a house has windows. And while they play a huge role in a room’s design, people often tend to forget about them and focus on them last when decorating a room. On the other hand, there are those that go over the top and bury their windows in layers of heavy fabric.

No matter the size or the style of the window, you should take some time and make it a design priority. Here, we’ll explore the easiest ways you can choose the right window blinds and how to maintain them to retain their beauty for as long as possible.

Choosing the blinds

In order to make sure you have made the right choice you first need to inspect the room you want to place the blinds in. There are certain factors that will determine the best type of blinds for the sad room, so pay attention.

The amount of light

First and foremost, the choice of blinds will heavily depend on the amount of natural light that penetrates the room, as well as the amount of light you wish to be present in the room. For instance, in your kitchen, the Venetian blinds would be the best choice, as they allow you to control the amount of light you wish to let into your kitchen without making it too bright and sunny. On the other hand, for rooms such as the bedroom, where you want to be able to completely shut off natural light, Roman or roller blinds appear to be a much better choice. Additionally, you can easily choose them in room darkening fabrics and they don’t contain any slants or holes that would let the light through.

The humidity

Another important factor to consider when choosing the blinds is the overall humidity in the room you wish to add them to. For instance, rooms such as the kitchen and especially the bathroom tend to be extremely humid, so blinds made of natural materials are definitely not the best choice. Linen and silk blinds will collect moisture from the air and can easily rot and fade over time, wooden blinds can also rot and twist, and cleaning either of these would be practically impossible. That’s why, for instance, these pros who install Venetian blinds in Sydney advise that waterproof and easily cleanable materials are the best choice for such rooms. Therefore, think in terms of synthetic materials, such as PVC and polyester, and choose Venetian style blinds as they are the easiest to clean.

How to measure correctly

Now, when it comes to accurately measuring the blinds, if you’re having professional installers come in and hang them for you, you don’t really have to worry about it as they will take care of this step. However, if you’re choosing to DIY it, first decide whether you want the blinds to fit inside the window recess or not. Furthermore, make sure you use a metal tape measure, as fabric measures can easily stretch and provide you with inaccurate measurements. Finally, take the measures in millimetres as this way, you’ll get the most accurate dimensions.

Cleaning the blinds

Blinds can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning duster. The key lies in regular maintenance because if you let the dust sit for a long time it will settle and stick, thus becoming nearly impossible to clean. Furthermore, you can also use some natural mild cleaning solutions, such as lemon juice and water, for particularly stubborn stains.

And there you have it. When choosing custom window treatments, you’ll need to assess the amount of light you wish to let into the room, as well as the size and position of your blinds. Also, you’ll need to inspect the level of humidity so that you know which fabric to choose and be regular with the maintenance and cleaning to make this task easier on yourself.


  • Afton Jackson

    It’s great to know that blinds won’t cause much trouble whenever they need to be cleaned. Having a way to treat my windows without requiring a lot of cleaning could be a great way to change up the way our rooms look since we have some particularly large windows all over the house. I’ll start shopping for custom window blinds and see what options there are for large windows like the ones I have.

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