No matter where you live, how big your home is, and how many windows you have, choosing the right shutters is never easy. There are lots of things you need to take into consideration, from their visual appeal to practicality and maintenance, so you need to put your mind to it and make the right decision for your window glass. If you’re looking for something that might help you do that, here’s a comprehensive selection guide for choosing the best window shutters on the market, as a pro tip, take a look at

Learn the history

Finding just the right shutters for your home could take up to several weeks and even months, so learning a thing or two about the history of these amazing features is always good. Although it might not seem that way, the history of shutters is rather interesting, so you won’t have a hard time learning it. What you need to remember is that shutters have been present in lots of different decorating styles throughout history, so you’ll surely find a model that works for you the most, no matter how traditional or modern you want your home to be.

Find the perfect size and placement

Not all shutters are the same, and not every model is going to fit every home. That’s why you should think about the size of your shutters and their placement before you actually start purchasing them – if your windows are close together, for instance, you’ll need to get some narrow shutters, and if they’re far apart, your shutters could fill up that empty space and give it a new look. Also, think about how they’ll look closed, and make sure they fit into the exterior of your home gracefully.

Pick the materials carefully

Again, there are lots of different types of shutters out there, and you need to be careful when picking them, paying attention to the material they’re made of as well. Most shutters are made of timber, but there are other choices as well, so you need to find them. These Sydney-based experts for shutters, for example, offer alternatives such as polymer and aluminium. These are easy to install and just as easy to maintain, while also quite visually appealing, so whichever idea you go for, you’ll surely be satisfied with the choice you’ve made.

Define the style

With so many options out there, you’ll have to think long and hard before picking the right shutters for your home, and the biggest problem you could have is choosing the style. This choice will depend on a number of factors – your location, the average temperature, and the level of humidity in your area, among others – so some of the options you have are solid, panelled, louvered, and board shutters. Look into each of these options and find the one that works for you the most, giving you just the right amount of sunlight every single day.

Coordinate the colours

In the end, the visual appearance of your shutters is just as important as their practicality, so you need to choose their colour carefully. Picking the perfect colour comes down to the size of your room, the amount of sunlight this room receives, your own intentions with that space, as well as the colour of your exterior wall. Colour-coordinating your shutters and your wall is always a good way to boost your curb appeal and unify every part of your exterior space, so don’t be afraid to do that too.

Finding the right shutters for your home can be a bit tiring and boring, but this is one of the best ways to add some class and elegance to your home, and that’s something we all need.