Everyone desires a safe place to work, live, enjoy being with the family and other loved ones.  This is the “American Dream”, and part of this dream is to own a home that meets the needs of you and your family. We spend much of our lives in pursuit of dreams for family, careers, education, living, and eventually retirement. Well we’d like to help you find “Your Safe Haven” here in Iron County and surrounding areas at the 2020 Festival of Homes. Here in this wonderful area, we have a high quality life, with beautiful surroundings and a safe environment filled a community of people who care and have values that support a quality way of life.  Our Festival of Homes theme for 2020 is “Your Safe Haven”.   As we help individuals and families realize their dreams with beautiful homes, we seek to provide a safe, comfortable, secure, clean, and enjoyable place for all to live, grow with those we love, and enjoy day-to-day living. We’ll help you in finding “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” in a new home in Iron County because: 

THERE IS GREAT VALUE AVAILABLE – The cost for “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” is a still a very affordable opportunity, and is better priced than many other areas with similar benefits and amenities.  And as mortgage interest rates are at all-time lows, you can purchase “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” for an affordable payment. Low costs and excellent interest rates mean a reasonable payment, enabling you to buy a better home with even more features and conveniences. 

YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY – Our builders work closely with buyers to design that “SAFE HAVEN” of your dreams.  Having a home that provides for your hobbies and interests is important — your home needs to complement your life style. Whether you want “YOUR SAFE HAVEN”  to have a music or theater room, a spacious kitchen, a 3-car garage, craft room, and a great room for big gatherings – You can have it your way.  

WE LOVE IT HERE – Many people wish to find Iron County and surrounding areas to be a “SAFE HAVEN” because it is a wonderful place to live, play, and enjoy life, with great places to hunt, fish, camp, and hike.  If you like to ride mountain or road bikes, tour on motorcycles, play golf, ride 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, or snowmobiles, downhill ski or snowboard, or go boating, and ride horses or participate in other outdoor activities — it’s all here in your backyard.  Plus, if you enjoy festivals, the theatre, arts, or community activities — it’s all here too.  And we have great public schools and are fortunate to have the highly-rated Southern Utah University with its championship collegiate division-1 sports programs.

WE HAVE HIGH QUALITY BUILDERS — Our builders work with you to build “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” with a beautiful home that will make you proud. You will find our builders here to be very capable, skilled, and knowledgeable and can be confident that your new home will be built to meet your expectations, with the highest quality product from a builder who cares and employs the finest skill possible.

WE OFFER SECURITY AND ENERGY EFFICIENT OPTIONS – New technologies provide “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” with enhanced and more secure homes and security systems, with better insulated and ventilated houses that are more energy efficient. New kitchen and household appliances have improved dramatically, and have higher than ever efficiency ratings. New furnaces and air conditioners will be much less expensive to operate.  With these savings, you can expand the value and security of “YOUR SAFE HAVEN” and upgrade other areas in your home  

YOU’LL FIND MANY CHOICES OF AREAS TO LOCATE – We have home show entries in Cedar City, and in the surrounding communities of Summit, Enoch, New Harmony, and even a beautiful mountain location above the valley in Cedar Highlands. You can find “YOUR SAFE HAVEN”, either in town or out in the county, secluded on the mountain, or just down the street from shopping, your church, and a school.  In this area you’ll find pristine mountain settings, ranch or farm style locations, or suburban neighborhoods.  If you’d like a small, low-maintenance lot, or a 5-acre spread, it’s all here. We have many choices for homes throughout our area at good price values.  Talk to a builder or realtor to find “YOUR SAFE HAVEN”.  


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