Moving to a new city or state always sounds like an exciting adventure, until the moving day is nigh, and you need to actually start organizing everything and packing up. Since in Melbourne ‘moving’ and ‘fun’ are rarely heard in the same sentence, here’s a quick list of easy, headache-free, moving tips that will make you a moving expert others can learn from, for more help, see these local movers who will be glad to help you.

Don’t take everything out

You should look for every opportunity to reduce your packing and unpacking time. If your dressers are filled up with clothes, it’s better to leave them inside than take and pack separately. Ask your hired local moving company to wrap the dressers, making sure that drawers can’t move. What clothes might be on hangers, leave them on hangers and move them yourself, instead of folding them and packing for the movers. The same applies to flatware, kitchen tools and other items in drawer organizers. Wrap the organizers in cling films so nothing falls out. And when you move into your new place just pop them back into the drawers.

Small boxes

Many people discover this hack on their 3rd or 4th move, and some not even then. Small boxes make everything so much easier. For Bankers Boxes, you don’t even need a tape to put them together, since they’re small, easily manageable and stack up perfectly. Actually, any type of boxes on the smaller side will do. They unpack quicker and you can move them around more easily. While you’ll still need large boxes, if you manage to pack as much of your stuff into smaller ones, you’ll need only a few big ones, which definitely makes your move easier.

Hire professional movers

While your merry company of bribed movers looking ahead to the moving-in party will provide invaluable help in packing and unpacking, for heavy lifting you still need a team of able-bodied movers. Most professional removalists in Melbourne recommended hiring the ‘2 men 1 truck’ service, which is an affordable and optimal configuration for most of household moving jobs, moving antiques, small offices, and even rubbish. However, by doubling the crew you can speed up the job, which is especially useful for homes with tricky access points.

Use colour or the QR code

Although the old-fashioned way to assign a specific colour to each box depending on the room it should go to still works, millennials suggest labelling each box with a QR code. A  QR code can contain up to 250 symbols, which is usually enough for the textual content of a single box. Just copy all the content of your text file list to a free online QR code generator, print them, label the boxes and you’ll have an easy time scanning your goods when they arrive. On top of it, you’ll have the content of your box relatively hidden, unless your selected mover’s team has a geek in their ranks.

Hello, Mr. Tape

Apart from sealing boxes and holding items together, packing tape has so many other uses. Remember the way Mulder put tape crosses on his kitchen window? Do the same on your mirrors to prevent them from sliding and possibly cracking. Secure all the liquid containers with the tape to prevent accidental spills, and you’ll most likely use a ton of it for sealing bubble wraps around your electronics and appliances. Going hand-in-hand with the tape, the cling film is perfect for grouping things together, like books or smaller boxes.

Eventually, by applying these simple yet surprisingly effective tips, you’re surely come up with a few of your own. Moving can be immensely stressful, but once you figure out what works for you, every next move will be more enjoyable than the previous one.   


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