According to a recent survey, burglaries account for as much as 20% crimes committed annually. You’re completely entitled to be worried about this, but you shouldn’t just sit idly. It is up to homeowners, landlords and renters to find a solution which will protect both their properties and families from the rising crime rates. Luckily, along the rise of the break-ins, rose the industry of security solution for residential properties. There still some consideration to be made about the question of alarm system affecting crimes and the specific needs and solutions for your home.

How Security System Affects Crime Rates

13844066275_2ea2f384e0_zAccording to, homes without security systems installed are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into. The police officials also believe that monitoring systems and other security solutions can help deter burglars. Knowing that having some sort of security system can prevent the burglar from even attempting to break in, surely makes you consider the idea of installing a monitoring and alarm system right away.

The Benefits of a Security System

As mentioned, a security system deters crime in your home. In fact, this study shows that about 60 percent of burglars would give up on a specific break in target if they noticed indicators of increased security (outdoor cameras, alarm signs, etc.). Most of the burglars will try to determine the presence of the alarm or other means of security, before they even decide to come to your doorstep.

Electrical Security Systems

Electrical security systems can give you the peace of mind you’re searching for. Closed-circuit television (cctv system) is a video surveillance system transmitting a signal to a limited set of monitors. It can help you not only with deterring the burglars, but also with spotting them on time and calling the police and, if the break-in ever happens, it can help the police officers to identify them. One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying security cameras is choosing the right lens, advise at Sydney Electrician. If you want the police to truly be able to identify the burglars in or in front of your house, you should opt for a varifocal lens (e.g. 50mm), because it is easier to adjust.

Alarm Monitoring Services

3376393340_994277909c_zInstead of just having cameras and monitors in your house, you can provide your family with extra security, by opting for alarm monitoring services. They can alert the company monitoring your home for you, alert the police, send you messages regarding the safety status of your home and offer you a full security package. They’re also useful with smoke and fire detection. The main drawback is the price, but who can put a price tag on family’s safety?

Costs and Savings

Speaking of price… The main deterrent for people who are deciding whether or not to invest in the security system is its price, and not only the initial one. The contracts, monthly fees, malfunctions, etc. contribute to the image of an alarm and monitoring system as an unnecessary splurge. Still, as we have mentioned in the beginning, burglars are less likely to rob the houses with visibly increased security. So, think of it this way, you are already saving on the money, appliances and other items they could take away in a case of a break in.

A safe house makes a happy home for you and your family, and although the security solutions might seem costly at the first glance, they are nothing compared to the peace of mind, which is a whole lot easier if your family is secure.


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