Designing a bathroom can be a tricky business because you always need to find the balance between the aesthetic you’re striving for and the functionality of the room with all of its plumbing and appliances. Also, most people don’t remodel bathrooms that often, which adds an additional burden of choosing the right style. Going for something modern and fashionable is always an option, but you need to think about next five to ten years before the next significant change.

Organic materials

The return to the use of organic materials is one of the best things that could have happened to interior designers. It’s an ecologically responsible choice which is an important issue for young civic-minded homeowners. These materials also provide an aesthetic that fits perfectly with modern bathrooms and the serenity they are designed to create. Wood floors and vanities feel warm and often a bit rustic, but they could also be combined with more modern and edgy materials. The juxtaposition of wood and synthetic can be very effective and eye-catching especially if the synthetic is bright and bold looking.


Concrete may seem like a surprising material to use in a bathroom, but it offers a lot of possibilities and can be used for a lot of different styles and purposes. An industrial look works great if the bathroom is large enough and has good lighting. It’s also complementary with almost all colors typically used in a bathroom and, with just a few brass touches, it can change completely and become a luxurious setup. If you leave the concrete bare, the minimalist look is best accompanied by flashy and noticeable floor tiles. Black usually works well with concrete and patterns should be as outrageous as possible.


Bathrooms used to be considered less important than other parts of a home, and their design was centered around a specific purpose. Doing the opposite gives the homeowners a chance to explore a variety of different styles and looks. The bathroom should be a place of indulgence, created to make a stay in it more relaxing and allowing you to reflect after a busy day. Creating this kind of environment usually starts with a large free standing bath, like the ones from Acqua Bathrooms. These tubs, when accompanies by hardwood vanities and large well-lit mirrors, can turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious resort.

Plants and flowers

Bringing the nature into the bathroom is another part of the whole “making the bathroom an experience” trend. It works especially well with cold and more formal décor, like ceramic fixtures, and traditional tiles. Aloe is often chosen to decorate bathrooms because it doesn’t require too much sunlight and when it’s put in glass containers the shape of the plant is decorative in itself. Bamboo is usually placed on the floor because it grows pretty tall and tends to grow towards the light. It works equally well with the elegant and informal design. Orchids, however, work with everything.


With the rising popularity of period dramas, retro design is basically everywhere. Brass fittings, sculptured sanitaryware, and roll-top baths look old and distinguished, but they could also be fitted in any modern home and work well with modern appliances and materials. The key is to pick a period and research its aesthetic – mixing and matching pieces from different periods can sometimes work, but it often looks cheap and thrown together. Complete the look you’ve chosen by using a color palette that suited to the period.

There’s more freedom in designing a bathroom than with any other room in the house. However, some guidelines still apply. Choose the style that best suits your needs and preferences and stick to it – a simple style is always easier to change when you want a do-over. And by choosing a local builder like Jake Hulet Construction, you can be assured of a quality project!


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