The bathroom is a room of the house that should, above all others, be synonymous with hygiene. It is an environment that has to appear airy and clean but this is not enough. Even though a room might look completely sterilized, the appearance cannot fool your nose. In other words, the bathroom needs to ‘smell’ for the occasion. If you have any difficulty with hygiene maintenance of your bathroom, here’s how to keep your bathroom tile flooring spotlessly clean.

Keep it healthy

Many people consider bathrooms clean only after they have been rinsed with bleach or other factory-ready cleaning products that are filled with toxic chemicals which are masked with ‘pleasant’ natural smells. However, you do not need these extreme eradicators of all things organic to keep your bathroom pristine.

In fact, there are several natural cleaning solutions you can use for your bathroom, and some of them are a DIY sort of recipes with modular ingredients. For example, you can always go with the good old baking soda – vinegar baseline. Add two teaspoons of baking soda to the fourth of the gallon of water and pour a third of a glass of vinegar on top of it. Mix it up with the hot water and add a twist of lemon or lime to the mix, and voila – you have an effective, organic, natural bathroom cleaner that will effectively neutralize all the microscopic bile that hides on your tiles.

Large-scale homemade cleaning

Of course, this multi-practical natural solution is also amazing for cleaning off visible dirt too. If you need an increased dosage – for example a gallon of water – add a full glass or a big cup of vinegar to it along with three large spoons of baking soda and squeeze a whole lemon or a lime into the mixture. If you feel as if vinegar smell is too strong, don’t worry – it dissipates quickly and it will air out of the bathroom sooner than you think. If you are still a bit uncomfortable with it, keep the bathroom window and the doors open to create a draft that will air it out faster.

Tile sealing

Sometimes, you’ve simply been dealt a bad card when it comes to the quality and texture of the tiles. Washing them can turn into a feat of Sisyphus at the tail end of each week, so in order to make your life a bit easier, you can look for solutions in other areas of life. Tile sealing is a good investment that can make your bathroom cleaning significantly more manageable.  For instance, guys at this Sydney-based tile sealing service use latest technology to provide exceptional surface protection against stains and spills. After a thorough sealing, your bathroom tile surfaces will be cleaner for longer.

How to mop it

If you own a bathroom that has bright tiles, and especially in the case if they are white, don’t dip your mop into your cleaning solution immediately. First wash it clean under the flow of hot water to get all the accumulated dirt and dust out of it. You’d be surprised at how dirty the water that flows into the drain will end up being.

Then you should fill another bucket with pure, hot water and leave it on the threshold of the bathroom, right beside the solution-filled bucket. Then dip the mop into the hot water bucket and start rinsing and mopping the tiles starting with the back of the bathroom. Work your way slowly towards the door which should always be behind you.

Finally, after cleaning your entire bathroom with a wet mop, squeeze all the water out of it to the best of your abilities and then dunk it into the bucket that holds a cleaning solution. Wait for five to ten minutes for the water on the surface of the tiles to evaporate before you proceed to mop the bathroom with the cleaning solution.

Some additional tips

Cleaning your bathroom on a weekly basis is a good habit, but it is usually not enough. In fact, small details and maintenance tips make all the difference in the world, and if you start practicing some of these habits, your bathroom cleaning sessions won’t be as long and arduous as you think. For example, try to keep a window at least a little cracked to promote the air flow so the mold would stop growing on your tiles. If you notice mold growth in your bathroom, you may contact a mold removal company to ensure that it is completely removed and that the space is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Furthermore, you can place an absorbent rug or a special sort of towel in front of your shower or a bathtub in order to stop the tiles from getting wet. Remember – if your tiles are constantly wet, the mildew will begin to form. You can also place a rug at the entrance to the bathroom and rub your shoes before entering – that is, in the case you let people enter your home with their shoes on.

Cleaning can be a Zen experience, just like vacuuming or lawn mowing. However, cleaning the bathroom is always a chore as it tends to be really hard to rinse all the dirt off and the bathroom itself is usually a cluster of elements and hard-to-reach nooks. While you will hardly derive any pleasure from cleaning your bathroom, there is always a way to make the experience at least somewhat more manageable, and if you heed some of the advice pointed out above, it will definitely become a smoother ride.


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