big tom's pest controlTom Crockett, Owner of Big Tom’s Pest Control, has been in the business over five years. He has come in contact with a wide variety of pests. With his many years in experience, he is well qualified, and so are the well-trained technicians. No matter the size, we can stomp em’ out. We take care of pests including: Ants, Roaches, , Mites, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Termites, Earwigs, Wasps, Flies, bees, and even gophers. Having an infestation in your home is no walk in the park, you’ll wake up to something crawling across your body, face or just sitting next to you. There’s nothing worse than having to kill bugs over and over again, which is why getting pest control from companies like your local bed bug extermination services so you can sleep peacefully without having to think about waking up the next morning with bug bites all over your arms.

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