If your kitchen’s been looking like it has seen some better days, it’s time for a little upgrade. Don’t let your kitchen become just a room for cooking, but restore it to its previous glory days with these easy and budget-friendly upgrades so you can enjoy its comfort as well. Take a look!

Light it up

Good lighting can really transform any space. If you lack natural light and you have some old and ugly fixtures, it’s high time you changed it. There are some cheap options on the flea markets for a vintage and quirky kitchen or get ever more popular Edison bulbs for an industrial look. If you are into a more modern and edgy look, opt for something metallic in order to give your kitchen a touch of luxury. The choice is yours, but when you upgrade the lights in your kitchen, you’ll definitely see the difference.

A rug in the kitchen? Why not!

For a long time now interior designers have been debating whether rugs are suitable for the kitchen, and finally they’ve reached a conclusion. The answer is YES! If you have a plain and cold tiled floor or a worn-out laminate, get a runner rug to bring some warmth and comfort into the kitchen. If your kitchen looks lifeless, runners are also great for bringing a splash of color and texture.

Change the faucet

By simply renewing the faucet, you can easily upgrade something as important as your kitchen sink. Breathe some new life into it with modern, efficient faucets. Since the faucet is something you use multiple times a day, it’s really worth upgrading. There are the types with handles or knobs, long or short necks and they all look great.

Install a water filter

Whatever the quality of your city’s tap water is, a water softener can always improve it. Water filtration systems that go under the sink are a great option for any home. Getting an under-sink water filter with cartridges will be a great investment in the long run. Not only will you ever have to buy bottled water again, but it’s also a healthy and eco-friendly solution.

Repaint your cabinets

If you don’t want to replace your cabinets (and we all know how unfriendly new cabinets can be for the wallet), simply repaint them. It’s much more affordable and it makes a world of difference. The year 2017 is all about bold and nontraditional kitchen colors, so forget about white. Try lime, orange or even denim blue to freshen up your kitchen and be trendy as well.

Dress up your windows

There is nothing more precious than loads of natural light in the kitchen, so if you have big windows, make the most of it. You can completely change your kitchen by simply putting up some brightly colored curtains or Roman shades. They’re also a creative way in which you can introduce fabric into the kitchen, as you can match window curtains with tablecloths, cushions, sink skirts or rugs. It will look very cute and trendy while costing very little.

Replace cabinet and drawer handles

This is one of the quickest and smallest upgrades, but as they say “the devil’s in the details”. Get charming colorful handles to personalize the space, or get the timeless nickel or copper ones for a more classical look.

Upgrade the countertops

You might think this is a too big an investment for you, but you just might be wrong. There are cheap laminated surfaces that imitate many materials, even marble.  If you think this is too much as well, get a massive cutting board for a mix of functionality and esthetics.

You don’t have to spend your summer vacation money on your kitchen upgrade. Sometimes all you need are some good ideas and a few bucks. With these tips you can turn your old kitchen into a favorite place for hanging-out in your home.


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