Do you often find yourself desperate for some extra storage space? Are your kids growing up so fast that they might need their own room soon? Is it time to treat yourself with that man cave or that media room you’ve always wanted? Well, with just a bit of renovation, your attic can give you that extra space and make your home even more comfortable. So, here are a few eco-friendly reno tips that will transform your attic!

Make it airtight

If you want to have a space that is eco-friendly, you need to work on your energy efficiency. The best way to conserve some energy is to make your space airtight and prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping your attic. If you make your attic airtight, it will be easier to control the inside temperature and less expensive to heat and cool your space. So, make sure all gaps and cracks are sealed, especially around the windows, skylights and doors. If you notice any roofing damage that affects your attic, you may need professional residential roof replacement services before proceeding with the attic renovation.

Boost insulation

Another way to create an eco-friendly attic is to boost its insulation. Proper attic insulation will also prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer and help keep your space nice and cozy. Plus, while adding insulation to your exterior walls isn’t exactly easy, boosting attic insulation is much easier. Just decide whether you want foam insulation installed between your roof rafters and floors or loose insulation blown into your walls!

Strengthen your flooring

No matter if you’re planning to use your new and improved attic for storage or as a living space, you need better floors. Most attics have flooring that is not designed for walking or storing heavy things and are most often covered in insulation. So, if you want to have practical and safe attic storage, you need to improve your floors with plywood. This material is very eco-friendly, durable, efficient and very pleasant on the eye. However, attics converted into living spaces need something stronger like hardwood to support the weight of the people and furniture.

Opt for Energy Star appliances

If you want to save some additional energy in your attic, make sure to hand-pick the appliances. For instance, if you’re planning to use your new attic for entertainment, make sure to opt for Energy Star television, speakers and coolers for your drink and snacks. On the other hand, if you want to turn your attic into a laundry room, choose energy- and water-efficient washing machines and dryers. They waste a lot fewer resources and save you money. There are even federal tax credits for certain Energy Star products, so now is the perfect time to invest!

Invest in energy-efficient doors and windows

In order to boost natural light (that is completely free and eco-friendly), you need some good windows and skylights in your attic. However, old windows offer very little energy efficiency and can make your attic freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. Luckily, there are modern windows that are made with two panels of insulated glass. Most models are covered with a Low E coating that is completely invisible, but manages to reflect UV rays and control how much heat passes through the glass. Simply put, these windows keep the heat indoors in the winter and reflect the heat away from the attic in the summer, making your indoor temperature more pleasant and your AC at a minimum!

Invest in energy-efficient lighting

Sure, natural light is pleasant, sustainable and free, but you need some artificial lighting when the sun goes down. So, instead of installing traditional bulbs, invest in LEDs and CFLs. These energy-efficient bulbs use only 25% of energy when compared to old bulbs, last 10 times longer and produce no heat. All in all, you’ll save up around $120 during the life of your attic bulbs!

Your attic no longer has to be that dark and dusty place used only for storing Christmas decoration! It can be a handy storage space, living space or some fun, playroom for the whole family! And if you go green with your reno, you’ll save money and make our environment great again!


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