If you think it’s impossible to move without stress and a headache, you might just be wrong. You will in no way feel like you’ve just came back from a vacation after moving with the help from experts like Nashville Master Movers, but with these tips, it can all go as smoothly as planned.

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Use smaller boxes

Even though in the end you will need more boxes, trust me when I say it’s going to be worth it. First of all, you can stack them more easily and quickly. Second, they are easier to move around once you unload the truck. You can quickly move them from one room to another without back pain. Most importantly, they pack and unpack quickly, so you will experience many small victories along the way. That works miracles for motivation and it will keep you going until you’re all done.

Prepare some food and refreshment

If you’re lucky to have friends who are willing to come over and help you pack and unpack, make sure to prepare some treats for them. You can go with fast food such as burgers, hotdogs or a bunch of snacks and little bites. Don’t forget some candy to keep you going. Prepare a lot of drinks to help you catch your breath and replenish your fluids, especially if you live someplace hot like Australia. You can even bring out some beer and organize a house warming party to celebrate when all the work is done.

Label everything!!!

I cannot stress this enough. It might seem like a bother now, but you will be very grateful you did it once you arrive at your destination with a mountain of neatly labeled boxes. You can write the content of the box on the cardboard or you can use different colours and codes according to the room or content. Colour-coding will keep the contents of the box more or less hidden; only remember to write down the legend. You can do something like this: Blue-clothes; Red-valuables; Green-books or Blue-bathroom; Green-kitchen; Red-living room. You can think of any legend you like.

Turn to technology

Even though you will have to do most things the old-fashioned way with boxes and movers, you can still rely on technology for some parts of the process. If you’re not so good at organizing and making schedules, download apps like MoveAdvisor that will help you organize, manage rooms and check out the best movers. It’s important to find a professional moving company with big trucks like the Moveage Group; you don’t want to make two trips! Some experts offer full insurance for your things, so you can breathe easily and not worry about your precious possessions. You can also use your phone to snap pictures of the boxes as you stack them, the inside of the truck and other thing that will help you move.

Have a first-night box

You might think you will start unpacking as soon as you arrive, or that you will finish everything in one day, but you’re probably wrong. Take a box that will travel with you and put all the essential things you might need when you arrive into it. Pack some toiletries (don’t forget toilet paper!), some spare clothes, a jacket, some meds, cups, plates and utensils and something to eat.  Now you’re settled for the first night, and you can continue unpacking in the morning when you’re fresh and well-rested.

See? Moving doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. You only need to carefully organize the event, hire an Interstate Moving Broker as early as possible, label your boxes and don’t rush too much, and in a few days all of that will be behind you. If you can get your friends to help, you can even turn it into a party.




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