Having your own swimming pool makes the summer so much better, since all you need to do for some refreshment is step out of the house to the backyard, and dip into the perfectly cool water. Once you’ve decided to have your own personal oasis, it’s time to pick the right design that’ll fit your backyard. With the vast choices of fabulous designs and so many innovative features, it can be difficult to opt just for one that will suit your taste. Therefore, check some of the latest trends that will help you make your mind.

Vanishing Edges

poolThe luxurious resorts are usually the places where you could see varnishing edge pools. If you’ve always wanted a fancy pool like that, now you know what to look for. The reason why these pools are usually found in expensive resorts is that they look like a fabulous waterfall, since one side of the pool is shortened and the water spills into a catch basin underneath. These swimming pools are perfect option for backyards with a gorgeous view. However, the installation is very expensive, so be prepared to break the bank if you decide to have this type of pool in your home.

Beach-like Feel

image-5One of the newest pool trends allows you to have the true beach-like feel in your backyard. Pools with a beach entry resemble the entrance to the ocean, since they have sloped floor. You can get into the pool by gradually going down, without having to use the stairs or ladders. It’s especially recommended for families with small children, or people with disabilities because it’ll allow them to enter and exit the pool safely and easily. If you’re ready to spend some extra money, upgrade the entire design with sand and create the ultimate beach effect.

A tanning ledge can be a great addition to your swimming pool. This is a shallow section of the pool perfect for children to play, or for you to sunbathe. What’s more, be creative and add some decorative lighting or fancy tiling to make the pool look luxurious.

Small Pools

image-3You can now enjoy the splash in your own home, even if you don’t own a huge backyard. Swim spa, spools or a nice plunge pool is the perfect solution for small yards. Thanks to its compact design, a plunge pool can provide you with a refreshing dip, and allow you to play with your friends or little kids. Additionally, when you want to make the most of the small layout consider installing a pool that’s larger than a spa and yet smaller than a pool ‒ a spool. It’ll keep you warm at colder months, and perfectly refreshed in the hot summer as well.

Eco-friendly Pools

image-4If you’re looking for a swimming pool that won’t need chlorine and other chemicals to keep the water clean, then natural pool is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to the plants and sand filters, the water stays clean and bacteria free. Whether you choose the pond-like design or opt for a more standard pool, you’ll be able to enjoy the dip in a perfect eco-friendly pool. Furthermore, natural pools are the perfect solution for those who’d like to install the pool on a budget, since they’ll cost less than the traditional pool.

Installing a swimming pool in your home gives you so many advantages. You could enjoy the sun from the privacy of your home, swim whenever you feel like it, and always be able to keep an eye on your kids. Therefore, look through the current swimming pool design trends, opt for the one that best suits your backyard and provide your family with a perfect oasis everyone can enjoy.




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